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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Oscar Fashion: Hot Mess

Has anyone in Hollywood actually heard of a style that isn't called strapless? By the end of Oscars night, we were so bored of seeing women without bras it was actually shocking. Some of the worst offenders were: Naomi Watts - A bland mud coloured mermaid; Angelina Jolie - A slightly dominatrix vision (but with fabulous earrings), Penelope Cruz - We are so bored of her 'princess' style, and Anne Hathaway - She's a beauty, but her Armani dress was a bore. Another Armani dress, worn by (former) siren Sophia Loren-looked halfway between a matador's costume and just infinite ruffles of fabric.

So who did we love? TILDA SWINTON WINS IT AGAIN PEOPLE! We adore her style - she is currently sitting at number one in our fashion list - and her dress (like last year), was so edgy, but also so feminine. She is a bit too much of a Lanvin addict, though.

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  1. I agree - Ms. Swinton was a knock out! She was gorgeous!