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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Paris Couture Week

Here are some of the pics from Paris. Sorry for the lack of blogging over the last week or so, we promise to improve.


Karl Lagerfeld is feeling the credit crunch, and he said that now couture was going to take on a more mature approach to dressing. In his collection, he used Coco herself as his inspiration and her love for the colour white. White is a colour that should be done simply and Largeld's collection was just a bit too Christmassy for our tastes. Not bad, but still, not great. More to follow soon.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Search Engines

We're on Google now! Took us a long time how to figure out how to do it!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Dior Haute Couture

As I am pressed for time, I won't add any pictures, but I have one question:

Why is Dior Haute Couture so much more brilliant than John Galliano's creations for the regular Dior house?

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Our New Blog

Caught up in the Australian Open madness, we have decided to start up a new women's tennis blog:


This blog will keep on running, but please come and visit our other one as well.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Australian Open Attire Part 2

Here are some pictures from the first two days. Our verdict from the second day
Best dressed: Amelie Mauresmo - bold, but simple. A nice colour can go a long way with any outfit.
Worst dressed: Serena Williams - Nike really has gotten off to an awful start for this year. Don't do graphic prints if you are bulky, they just enhance your frame even more.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Australian Open Attire

Tennis is probably the only sport where the ladies can prove that they are strong competitors to their male counterparts whilst looking chic. However, we weren't too bowled over by some of the looks (my photos aren't loading so you'll have to bear with me):

Best Dressed: Maria Kirilenko in Stella McCartney for adidas. Why oh why did you have to lose in the first round when you look so radiant in that flowing dress, Makiri?

Special Mention To: Anna Chakvetadze and Agnes Szavay sporting Fila, who since they employed new designers have been the hottest label around in sport. We loved the A-line shift theme they had going on (particularly on Anna, who won after a slight umpiring gaffe).

Umm...the rest: adidas, when you have Ana Ivanovic, probably the most popular young woman around the world today (even though she hasn't played well in months), in your stable, why do you give her a dress with the most hideous neckline ever? It seemed to have a goddess feel but Kirilenko stole the show for that vibe. Jankovic put on her best effort with a new brand (have forgotten the name, although I know they are a Chinese label) but still looked like a member of the Quality Street. And, as usual, instead of giving an outfit to compliment those long legs of hers, Nike give Daniela Hantuchova some deep blue get-up which reveals her nipples. She is still in the competition despite a shocker of a performance against home favourite Casey Dellacqua.
We miss you Masha!

More on Serena, Venus, Svetlana, Elena and co. tomorrow.

P.S. If you decide to take up any sport this year, make it tennis. I may be slightly biased since I used to be an avid fan and player when I was younger, but it really is a lot of fun. (If you're starting and need a racquet, any make will do, but we recommend a Wilson or Yonex).

Sunday, 18 January 2009


Ad campaign featuring Heidi Mount actually photographed by Karl Lagerfeld himself.

The verdict: Has Karl Lagerfeld ever heard of a season we mortals call summer? There is just so much monochrome in his collections right now. As for the photography, it's not bad, although the second picture is like Nicole Kidman in 'The Others'. As for 'Miss Credit Crunch' Mount, she does a good impression of Claudia Schiffer. So much so we couldn't tell it was her.

Bottega Veneta Summer Bags

OK, we here at RT are summer obsessed right now, so here are two of our favourite bags Bottega Veneta courtesy of Net-a-porter. Can't you just see yourself carrying one of these to the beach (we don't recommend you do, they are both over £2000)?

Saturday, 17 January 2009


Flicking through some of the new ad campaigns/runway shows/Net-a-Porter etc, it very much seems as though sky-high heels are well and truly the fad of the moment. Now, we want to know what you guys who read this blog (if there are any of you out there) think about excessive height. Are they called 'killer' for a reason, or do they make you feel foxy? Discuss, as we'd love to know what you guys think.

Gucci Ad Campaign

Well here it is. Gucci is not reverting to the old supermodels like ALL the other fashion houses seem to be doing, staying with long time favourites Natasha Poly and Lily Donaldson (plus a new girl who we don't recognise). We love the lush colours that Frida Giannini is sporting.

Gucci S/S 2009

The first two dresses we here at RT are in love with. We also love Frida Giannini's colourful take on the safari look, which was big last summer as well. A fantastic start to the year. We will also try to upload the pictures from the ad campaign featuring Lily Donaldson (who is sporting the first and fourth looks in these pictures).

Happy Birthday

Kate Moss is 35 today.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Summer 2009 Trends

Summer may still be a long way off for many of you out there, but here are a few essential fashion tips:

We all need a perfect summer dress. Be a bit more daring this year by going for a sheer, floaty, floor-length dress to sweep the sands. Embrace colour, but don't make it too garish Don't overaccessorize this look, possibly just a wooden bangle or two. For a swimsuit, go for a either a plain black or white bikini or swimsuit. Avoid Pucci-print kaleidoscope swimsuits, as much as they are iconic. For evening, the LBD doesn't seem to be dying down after the Christmas party rush, but we recommend you, again, embrace some colour for an evening dress. Anna Sui and Chloe are perfect places to go for this.


Don't cake your face in make up. We recommend a light slick of lip gloss (red if you're feeling bold) and mascara. That's all. Avoid bronzer AT ALL COSTS, as amongst naturally sun-kissed people you will be recognised as fake (even if you do use a good one)


Keep your hair natural. No bold colours, just dark golds and truffle browns. Always keep it loose for day, and swept into a bun for evening, possibly with a coiffe detail.


Get sunkissed, but not sunsnogged. A light dose of sun can pep the cheeks and make colours such as soft pinks and yellows far more easy to wear.

The Blog Returns

We are back in business, people. Get happy!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Blog Suspended

This blog is being suspended until the 17th January. Sorry! Hope you will still follow when we return.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Dior S/S 2009

Here are some of the photos from Dior's Spring/Summer 2009 look. We're not too bowled over by this look, and we hope Galliano improves soon. We miss that decadent style he had earlier this decade and this look seems a bit sterile. However, the handbag in that last picture is something to be noted

40 Today

Happy Birthday Christy Turlington!!!