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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Summer tips: Make-up

A look from Gucci's make-up for this summer - Gucci always do great summer make-up

Eyes: Eyeshadow is back! Don't be afraid to go for some bold colours for your eyes this summer! Teals, violets and purples were all very common all over the runways - also, a little glitter never goes amiss. If you're doing eyeliner, you might also want to choose a lighter colour than a heavy black. Keep your mascara low as well. Tip: False eyelashes work really well with any eye detailing. Invest in some.

Lips: Again keep it bright - especially if going for a lipstick! Red lippy is in but not in a Marilyn Monroe kind of way, more sort of punchy, bright, strawberry tones. Lip gloss is back, but keep it light - don't leave your lips drowning in sheen. If you're going for a statement eye, try a nude lipstick with a fuschia/brown undertone to it.

Foundation: If you can get away with it - don't use it! For summer, try to get a natural glow from the sun rather than piling bronzer on (it doesn't leave you glowing all over anyway). Conceal any blemishes though. Also, try to go for a cream blush over fresh skin for that just-been-for-a-jog glow rather than a powder. It makes your skin look more youthful.

Chanel A/W 2009

Thanks to Marie Clare for the pics!
We've only selected a handful of photos from this show as we're pretty sure that you can imagine the rest. Karl Lagerfeld brought out the regular monochrome pallette and boxy shapes with particular drive this year. We love the trousers which go out towards the ankle which Raquel Zimmermann is working in the third pic, teamed with very high platforms (I take it these won't be out of style for a while) and statuesque shoulders.

Lanvin A/W 2009

Alber Elbaz keeps the surprisingly dark Berlin vibe that we've been seeing loads of all throughout the A/W lines this year. Fur makes a comeback here, platform skyscraper heels are very much in and a statement silhouette really is a must. However, we must note our disappointment on the jewellry front. Usually, Lanvin's accesories are top-notch, yet we just don't feel that whole Meccano-choker combo that is going on here. Not that that matters, as the A listers will still flock to Elbaz for these clothes.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Georges Chakra

Here are some of the highlights from Georges Chakra's fall show of the ready-to-wear line in Paris. The statements were strong: with structural sculpting and bold silhouettes highlighted in the dresses, and the use of patent leather/PVC in many of the designs, adding a somewhat dominatrix sexiness to the clothes. These clothes demonstrate a somewhat fierce approach to dressing, and with summer upon us it is hard to get into the vibe of these clothes, yet by those winter months, we're sure you'll love it.

Back on the Blogging!

I've kind of taken a bit of an extended hiatus from posting, but this summer I'll be posting. Hopefully posting will be getting more regular throughout the months of June, July, August and Spetember. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Oscar Fashion: Hot Mess

Has anyone in Hollywood actually heard of a style that isn't called strapless? By the end of Oscars night, we were so bored of seeing women without bras it was actually shocking. Some of the worst offenders were: Naomi Watts - A bland mud coloured mermaid; Angelina Jolie - A slightly dominatrix vision (but with fabulous earrings), Penelope Cruz - We are so bored of her 'princess' style, and Anne Hathaway - She's a beauty, but her Armani dress was a bore. Another Armani dress, worn by (former) siren Sophia Loren-looked halfway between a matador's costume and just infinite ruffles of fabric.

So who did we love? TILDA SWINTON WINS IT AGAIN PEOPLE! We adore her style - she is currently sitting at number one in our fashion list - and her dress (like last year), was so edgy, but also so feminine. She is a bit too much of a Lanvin addict, though.

Monday, 16 February 2009

New York Fashion Week - Diane Von Furstenberg

These are just a few of the sample pictures from the Diane von Furstenberg show. We should have some more of the pictures from this show and from many others from New York Fashion Week soon. Stay tuned!

Monday, 9 February 2009

BAFTA Fashion

We promise that we'll have a ton of pictures for you sometime this week with our thoughts on the Bafta outfits, yet we are quite busy right now. Stay with us!

Monday, 2 February 2009

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John Galliano Reigns Supreme

Dior's motto should be: couture is what we live for.
Yes, while John Galliano's ready-to-wear lines are a bit iffy, here is what he does best. Dior reigned supreme over the catwalks of Paris, with nipped in waists and full skirts, will all the Marie Antoinette detailing you would expect. While Karl Lagerfeld was cutting back the costs for Chanel, a rumoured £2 million was spent and 80 dressmakers used to create this fantstic show.