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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Summer tips: Make-up

A look from Gucci's make-up for this summer - Gucci always do great summer make-up

Eyes: Eyeshadow is back! Don't be afraid to go for some bold colours for your eyes this summer! Teals, violets and purples were all very common all over the runways - also, a little glitter never goes amiss. If you're doing eyeliner, you might also want to choose a lighter colour than a heavy black. Keep your mascara low as well. Tip: False eyelashes work really well with any eye detailing. Invest in some.

Lips: Again keep it bright - especially if going for a lipstick! Red lippy is in but not in a Marilyn Monroe kind of way, more sort of punchy, bright, strawberry tones. Lip gloss is back, but keep it light - don't leave your lips drowning in sheen. If you're going for a statement eye, try a nude lipstick with a fuschia/brown undertone to it.

Foundation: If you can get away with it - don't use it! For summer, try to get a natural glow from the sun rather than piling bronzer on (it doesn't leave you glowing all over anyway). Conceal any blemishes though. Also, try to go for a cream blush over fresh skin for that just-been-for-a-jog glow rather than a powder. It makes your skin look more youthful.

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  1. I agree - Eyeshadow is back in a huge way and I love it! (I used to work as a make up artist.)