Who is your favourite supermodel?

Sunday, 18 January 2009


Ad campaign featuring Heidi Mount actually photographed by Karl Lagerfeld himself.

The verdict: Has Karl Lagerfeld ever heard of a season we mortals call summer? There is just so much monochrome in his collections right now. As for the photography, it's not bad, although the second picture is like Nicole Kidman in 'The Others'. As for 'Miss Credit Crunch' Mount, she does a good impression of Claudia Schiffer. So much so we couldn't tell it was her.


  1. It is very monochrome but the booties in the first pic are to die for...and so is the purse.

  2. Yes, the ankle boots are HOT! As for the bag, any Chanel 2.55 is right in right now. We're not too sure about that trend though.