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Friday, 16 January 2009

Summer 2009 Trends

Summer may still be a long way off for many of you out there, but here are a few essential fashion tips:

We all need a perfect summer dress. Be a bit more daring this year by going for a sheer, floaty, floor-length dress to sweep the sands. Embrace colour, but don't make it too garish Don't overaccessorize this look, possibly just a wooden bangle or two. For a swimsuit, go for a either a plain black or white bikini or swimsuit. Avoid Pucci-print kaleidoscope swimsuits, as much as they are iconic. For evening, the LBD doesn't seem to be dying down after the Christmas party rush, but we recommend you, again, embrace some colour for an evening dress. Anna Sui and Chloe are perfect places to go for this.


Don't cake your face in make up. We recommend a light slick of lip gloss (red if you're feeling bold) and mascara. That's all. Avoid bronzer AT ALL COSTS, as amongst naturally sun-kissed people you will be recognised as fake (even if you do use a good one)


Keep your hair natural. No bold colours, just dark golds and truffle browns. Always keep it loose for day, and swept into a bun for evening, possibly with a coiffe detail.


Get sunkissed, but not sunsnogged. A light dose of sun can pep the cheeks and make colours such as soft pinks and yellows far more easy to wear.

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